WE’RE BACK! – And so is TOP with “Doom Dada”

Did you guys like that segue in the title? Yeah, I thought it was pretty good too.

This is just about the one-year anniversary of KPWOP. We know we’ve been bad lately, but never fear – this blog has NOT been abandoned. The K-pop fever is alive and well in our hearts and the world, and we intend to keep sharing it with you all. We’re going to try out a slightly new format, as well. Fresh year, fresh format!

OK – so let’s get started with TOP’s long-awaited solo venture after “Turn it Up”. Interestingly enough, that video was also in black and white. I can’t complain, I find that the man looks beautiful in monochrome and in full color. But let’s be real here – the video is a little creepy, is it not? I’m going to try to parse out some of the imagery and symbolism, intentional or not, with my uncultured brain.

TOP Doom Dada Motorbike

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Comeback: Lee Hi’s “It’s Over”

Apologies for the late review! Kpwop has been busy doing boring non-kpop things, which is no excuse at all.

That being said, I … don’t understand… this video.

Even Lee Hi looks a bit confused.

Even Lee Hi looks a bit confused.

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First Impressions: Lee Hi’s “”


This isn’t really a first impression for a lot of people, because Lee Hi was also a contestant on K-Factor AKA The Voice of Korea AKA Korean Idol AKA K-Pop Star. Okay, K-Pop Star isn’t really like any of those shows, but I’m just trying to tell you guys it’s a singing competition.

Anyways, this is Lee Hi’s debut record and it’s been making a lot of waves, so it only seems right that KPWOP should come forth with an Official Opinion on her first single.   Continue reading