COMEBACK: BAP’s “Coffee Shop”

The boys are back – for the millionth time! I¬†know they must be tired, but their suffering is worth the enjoyment of all of us K-pop fans… right? (Yes.)

So at the behest of their record company, they come out with their next promotional release, “Coffee Shop”, a leisurely, romantic tune that is accompanied by a tranquil video with a comfortable Instagram-esque filter.

This is "Walden".

This is “Walden”.

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Comeback: Secret’s “Talk That”

This is an improvement from Secret’s previous video, “Poison”. But if I’m honest, I would probably rank “Poison” only just below Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” on the scale of how much it enrages me.

The thing about this song/music video is that I think it tries to be something it’s not. But in the middle of some kind of symbolic, artistic set, the director/etc. realized it was hopeless and abandoned that idea altogether maybe halfway through. Basically, they took one look at the girls’ boobs and decided that those were gonna be the star.

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