Comeback: Girl’s Day’s “Expect” / “Expectation”

This music video is a travesty.

It is really hard for something to be both boring and really unlikeable at the same time, but I think “Expect” has succeeded in this regard. The trick is to use a bunch of K-pop clich├ęs, but also use them very ham-handedly like this video has. Add in a really poorly choreographed and executed dance routine and you have yourself a recipe for FAILURE. Literally. (Spoiler alert: I gave the video an F, and everyone knows my opinion matters a lot to Korean entertainment executives, so don’t take this lightly.)

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First Impressions: Roh Ji Hoon’s “Punishment”


Do you ever think about the sheer volume of debuts that occur in K-Pop every month? I do. Another thing I think about is the inevitable fact that most groups or solo artists who debut will fail. Fail miserably and, as Callipygia has said, descend into the abyss of crushed dreams, never to be heard from again.

With that note, let’s go on to our first impressions of Roh Ji Hoon’s debut.* Will he never be heard from again? Or is he going to take the Kpop world BY STORM? (Hint: the second one, if I have anything to say about it.) Continue reading