First Impressions: Infinite H’s “Without You” ft. Zion.T

Infinite splinter group Infinite H gives you their second single off their debut album, “Without You”! (Also spelled “Without U”, also spelled “w/o u”.)

While Infinite is actually a pretty popular group in Korea right now, I have been far from one of their staunch supporters. However, with the case of Infinite H, I am all in. It’s like they culled out everything I didn’t like, completely changed their sound to something appealing, and are suddenly entertaining to me! Interestingly enough, I also enjoyed Kim Sung Kyu’s 60sec, so it seems like I like most of the individual pieces of Infinite. For whatever reason, when the group is together they all blend into some kind of dull Asian boy hybrid that has zero appeal to me. But “Without You” is a whoooooooole ‘nother story.

Infinite H Without U Dongwoo Hoya

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Year in Review: Top 11 Most Underrated Songs of 2012

2012 has been a great year for k-pop.  There were some strong comebacks from old favorites (i.e. ‘Sexy Free and Single‘ and ‘Fantastic Baby‘), and an even stronger amount of hit singles from fresh-faced rookie groups (most notably ‘Warrior‘ and ‘MAMA‘) that are sure to become k-pop classics.  But like always, because of either timing, marketing, or just plain bad luck, some songs will inevitably get lost in the shuffle and won’t receive the recognition they truly deserve.

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