Hotpot: May 16th 2013

So many k-pop songs have come and gone since the last ‘hotpot’, and most have faded away into the abyss without even a second glance.  What songs were good enough to break through and make the list this month?


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Hotpot: April 19th 2013

Introducing….THE HOTPOT SERIES!!

Since life has gotten busier and I haven’t been able to post nearly as much as I would like, I have decided to start posting my current playlist of favorite trending k-pop songs, because well, since they’re songs that I like they all deserve to be mentioned on this blog (but unfortunately, we just don’t have the time to review all of them!).  Moreover, not every great k-pop song has a music video that’s worth talking about, so some of those might find their heyday here as well.  Hotpots will be posted every now and then, as waves of comebacks and debuts find their way to the stage and battle for my heart.  Of course, any and all songs listed may still get reviewed..just know that if they’re by me they’ll most likely be absolutely glowing.

Without further ado, here are the newest k-pop songs that have made it onto my top favorites k-pop playlist!

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First Impressions: 2Yoon’s “24/7”


I wish I made k-pop MV reaction videos so I could have recorded my expression from watching this for posterity.  Not only is the track for “24/7” composed primarily of banjo, the heart and soul of country and bluegrass, but it’s pretty much Miley Cyrus’ “Hoedown Throwdown” with just a little more synthesizer thrown in.  Seriously, from the “BOOM CLAP BOOM BOOM BOOM CLAP” to the huge group line dancing, the country band in the background to the melody of the chorus, this song copies “Hoedown Throwdown” almost down to a T.  And I’m not the only one who thinks so; just go to the “Hoedown Throwdown” music video and you’ll see almost all of the recent comments have to do with “24/7”.  HONESTLY I think one “Hoedown Throwdown” is enough for this world.

2Yoon 247 alcohol

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First Impressions: Yoseob’s “Caffeine”

I really think this song should be called Coffee in English, but nonetheless, I digress…

EDIT: Callipygia is fighting with me that he is singing “Oh girl you like caffeine”, but I REFUSE to believe that’s true. THE VIDEO IS FILLED WITH COFFEE IMAGERY FOR PETE’S SAKE!

Yoseob (or Yoseop? My Korean bad), of BEAST/B2ST fame, has come out with a solo release. And the topic he used to introduce himself to the world as a solo artist was… Coffee!

This music video really tries to touch on this theme – that is, “coffee” and “hot coffee” and “caffeine” – in super super subtle ways. For instance, there’s a girl who is literally smokin’, because either she is smokin’ hot or because she’s smoking like a hot cup of coffee would:

Wow, this girl’s just like a coffee.

If you can’t tell already, the choice of singing about coffee in this song has become an obsessive preoccupation of mine. How is this girl so bad to him, just like a coffee? How are coffees bad for you? Is it because she makes him really jittery, or perhaps she makes him want to urinate all the time? Or maybe he’s pondering the long-term problems of drinking coffee, being all, ‘Girl, you’re just like coffee cause you could give me cancer one day.’

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First Impressions: Roh Ji Hoon’s “Punishment”


Do you ever think about the sheer volume of debuts that occur in K-Pop every month? I do. Another thing I think about is the inevitable fact that most groups or solo artists who debut will fail. Fail miserably and, as Callipygia has said, descend into the abyss of crushed dreams, never to be heard from again.

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First Impressions: Kim Sung Kyu’s “60sec”


I.  have.  SO many feels about this music video.  First, YAY Sung Kyu is breaking into a solo career (fyi he’s the leader of Infinite)!  But let’s get down to the REALLY important thin–OH MY GOD L IS SO CUTE IN THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry for the excessive fan-girling, but I haven’t had a good dose of Infinite in quite a long time now, and this is a side of Infinite I haven’t been exposed to nearly enough.  While I’m sad there’s none of the amazing dancing that got me to fall in love with Infinite in the first place, I’m SO EXCITED to see a naturally sensitive side shining through in this music video!  And I emphasize natural because that hasn’t always been their strong suit:

This whole video was….disturbing.

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First Impressions: Lee Hi’s “”


This isn’t really a first impression for a lot of people, because Lee Hi was also a contestant on K-Factor AKA The Voice of Korea AKA Korean Idol AKA K-Pop Star. Okay, K-Pop Star isn’t really like any of those shows, but I’m just trying to tell you guys it’s a singing competition.

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