WE’RE BACK! – And so is TOP with “Doom Dada”

Did you guys like that segue in the title? Yeah, I thought it was pretty good too.

This is just about the one-year anniversary of KPWOP. We know we’ve been bad lately, but never fear – this blog has NOT been abandoned. The K-pop fever is alive and well in our hearts and the world, and we intend to keep sharing it with you all. We’re going to try out a slightly new format, as well. Fresh year, fresh format!

OK – so let’s get started with TOP’s long-awaited solo venture after “Turn it Up”. Interestingly enough, that video was also in black and white. I can’t complain, I find that the man looks beautiful in monochrome and in full color. But let’s be real here – the video is a little creepy, is it not? I’m going to try to parse out some of the imagery and symbolism, intentional or not, with my uncultured brain.

TOP Doom Dada Motorbike

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Comeback: Lee Hi’s “It’s Over”

Apologies for the late review! Kpwop has been busy doing boring non-kpop things, which is no excuse at all.

That being said, I … don’t understand… this video.

Even Lee Hi looks a bit confused.

Even Lee Hi looks a bit confused.

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Comeback: DMTN (Dalmatian)’s “Safety Zone”


Yes Dalmatian is BACK!

I’m sorry, I mean…DMTN.  OK let me just take a minute and discuss the absolute absurdity of k-pop group names.  First of all, PLEASE STOP CHANGING IT.  Is it BEAST or B2ST?  DBSK or TVXQ?  WHY make it so anyone who puts your group name in print has to make sure they include every variation of whatever you keep changing it to just to cover all of their bases?  Changing labels does not mean you have to change your name.  All I ask for is a little consistency, folks.

And please, Korea, let’s talk about these acronyms.  (D)esire, (M)otivation, (T)iming, (N)ow.  So deep.  So poetic.  So nonsensical.  While perhaps this is a little more profound than a spotted dog commonly associated with fire fighters or known for siring an outrageous number of puppies, but is this name really anything more than just a string of buzzwords that someone thought sounded good together?  I mean really, even if you were just picking 4 words to make up an acronym for DMTN, you could probably pick better words than “timing” and “now”.  I’m just saying, get it together multimillion dollar entertainment companies.

Let’s be honest here though, DMTN is not the worst offender.  Let me share a couple of my favorites:

MBLAQ: (M)usical (B)oys (L)ive in (A)bsolute (Q)uality
U-KISS: (U)biquitous (K)orean (I)nternational Idol (S)uper (S)tar
M.I.B.: (M)ost (I)ncredible (B)usters
B.A.P.: (B)est (A)bsolute (P)erfect

You know I love you all, but some of your names are just horrendous.

OK I’m sorry, let’s get back to Safety Zone.

DMTN safety zone

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Happy Holidays from KPWOP! Our Gift to You: A Collection of Painful K-Pop Christmas Songs Reviewed

If the holidays are as big in South Korea as they are in the United States – which, given my last trip to the mall, I’m not quite sure is possible – then these following songs are sure to be a HIT. The American music industry this year has produced such bizarre duets like Cee-Lo and the Muppets, or John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John reuniting after 30-some years and innumerable rounds of Botox (for both of them). So can South Korea’s holiday cheer live up to such lofty expectations?

To get you in the holiday mood, I have carefully curated (read: I have perused some websites and picked out the only few songs I can recall at this moment) a selection of just-as-carefully crafted holiday music videos from various k-pop artists. What says ‘holiday spirit’ like people wearing Santa hats singing in a language I can’t understand? BASICALLY NOTHING.

Ughhhh so much Christmas!

Ughhhh so much Christmas!

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