First Impressions: Infinite H’s “Special Girl’


Wow Infinite is just ON FIRE these days and really establishing themselves as some of the most popular boys in the entire k-pop industry.  After winning the triple crown of music shows last year with their biggest hit so far “The Chaser“, Sung Kyu (the leader of Infinite) came out with his highly praised solo debut “60 Seconds“.  And now–NOW we have the highly anticipated debut of yet another Infinite sub group: Infinite H, which is composed of Hoya and Dongwoo, two extremely talented members best known for their dancing and rapping skillz.

BUT if this debut shows us anything, it’s that Hoya and Dongwoo have much more to offer the giddy fan-girl within you (guys, you know you have one too).  These boys can dance, rap, sing, and look hella good all the while doing it.  I believe the term ‘triple threat’ has been used to describe Hoya and Dongwoo now on more than one occasion.  Seriously Woolim Entertainment, while the concept of twins is intriguingly compelling, there was probably no need to debut “Tasty” last year when you had these two in your back pocket.

Infinite H Special Girl

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Year in Review: Top 11 Most Underrated Songs of 2012

2012 has been a great year for k-pop.  There were some strong comebacks from old favorites (i.e. ‘Sexy Free and Single‘ and ‘Fantastic Baby‘), and an even stronger amount of hit singles from fresh-faced rookie groups (most notably ‘Warrior‘ and ‘MAMA‘) that are sure to become k-pop classics.  But like always, because of either timing, marketing, or just plain bad luck, some songs will inevitably get lost in the shuffle and won’t receive the recognition they truly deserve.

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