Comeback: INFINITE’S “Man In Love”


Infinite has been getting a lot of attention on this blog, what with the recent endeavors of Sungkyu’s solo work and the debut of Infinite H, and there’s no denying that they’re one of the top groups out there at the moment (or is that my bias speaking?).  BUT “Man in Love” displays a completely different side to Infinite than any of their most popular singles; a side that calls upon every ounce of their aegyo acting ability.  Can “Man in Love” live up to our high expectations?

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Comeback: TEEN TOP’s “Miss Right”

It’s jarring when a bunch of teenage boys open up a music video in prison. I mean, let’s be real. They’re not exactly bad boys, much less felons. If anything, a few of them are just a bit douchey (AHEM C.A.P.), like those guys everyone has met who are maybe a liiiittle too confident, have a liiiittle too much gel in their hair, and still like to wear aviators and plunging V-necks. (Some people may argue that the latter should be a jailable offense.) But anyways, they’ve chosen to mature from implicated douchiness into full-on criminal for their comeback, promoting their new album No. 1 with the single “Miss Right”. 

Shawshank Redemption K-Pop style?

Shawshank Redemption K-Pop style?

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Comeback: SHINee’s “Dream Girl”

The new thing in K-Pop is clearly to develop schizophrenia and then immediately begin to compose music and direct music videos. (The choreography is free from criticism, for the most part.) SHINee, as a flagship group of SM Entertainment, has seemingly caught the bug with their release “Dream Girl”, but at least the title of the song gives them some sort of excuse.

What I’m trying to say is, SHINEE’S BACK!

SHINee Dream Girl

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Comeback: Sistar19’s “Gone Not Around Any Longer”

Sistar splinter group Sistar19 (a name which I assume was chosen when the members were 19 years old… three years ago) is back with their grammatically correct song, “Gone Not Around Any Longer”! This time it comes as part of a debut mini-album.

Was this song written and choreographed by the same people who did “Dripping Tears” by Son Dam Bi? The similarities are striking, except for the fact that “Gone Not Around Any Longer” doesn’t have any bizarre hallucinatory plot lines (OR. DOES. IT?!?!? No, it doesn’t). However, the dance is similarly sensual and involves a lot of caressing of the face or chest, and the chorus has the same repetitive drone. But there’s something about the Sistar19 iteration that leaves me feeling a little off…

Sistar19 Hyorin Bora

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