Comeback: 2PM’s “A.D.T.O.Y”


After almost 2 long long long years, 2PM has finally come back with another Korean promotion *cue party paraphernalia*!  With an album entitled “Grown”, it’s obvious that 2PM is trying to portray a manlier image this time around.

In my opinion, “A.D.T.O.Y” does a deliciously good job of this.


Maybe it’s because the weather here is finally getting warm again, but for me, 2PM is definitely living up to their name of being the “HOTTEST” time of day.  The pre-release to “A.D.T.O.Y.”, “Comeback when you hear this song“, was honestly extremely disappointing for me.  Music video: bland.  Song: bland.  But now I know it was just to make “A.D.T.O.Y” THAT MUCH BETTER when it came out!!  I mean this song has everything you would look for in a k-pop promotion: catchy chorus, simple but imaginative dance moves, perfect execution, an interesting but not overbearing synth beat, and of course REALLY GOOD LOOKING GUYS.  Honestly, 2PM isn’t even that hot, but they just have that bad boy, cocky attitude that to me just exudes sexiness.  Think about it.  That hip thrusting move in the chorus is so metrosexual/girl group BUT, because they really own it, it becomes one of the sexiest thing in the world. (Well, and because of that swoon-worthy falsetto.)  And that’s what makes this promotion so good, because 2PM is not afraid to show a little bit of personality.

2PM ADTOY dance

Can’t tell if really uncomfortable..or just in the moment


Speaking of that falsetto, isn’t it strange how it’s the emasculation of men that proves to be the manliest, sexiest concept of all?  I find the falsetto brilliant; it just takes the song to the next level just after all of the buildup from the verses, and it makes the song addictingly repetitive without becoming too droning.  The simple repetitiveness of the chorus is actually quite nice; it’s so pulsating and expressive that you feel it in an almost visceral way.  If you didn’t like this song, just give it a few more chances.  I’m sure it’ll grow on you.

That being said, the music video still left a lot to be desired.  While I love looking at hot guys, the whole “guy sitting in a chair while a girl dances around and touches him up all over” concept is not the freshest, most exciting concept ever.  I would have liked to see more dancing too, seeing as how 2PM is primarily a dance group and they really excel at well…the whole “moving” thing.  But I do appreciate how they decided to keep the video in black and white, which I thought was quite a classy touch.  And Junsu’s vocal belting at the end always sends chills down my spine ^.^  I wonder how 2PM feels about the song “Welcome” that Jay Park just released, which conveniently for easy comparison’s sake, is based on a very similar idea?

Otherwise, there’s not too much to complain about, other than that some of the make-up sort of ruined the close up shots for me.  I mean, I’m not sure if this was the point, but they just looked so sweaty:

2PM ADTOY Taecyeon sweaty

and the hair…

2PM ADTOY Wooyoung

It’s like an exotic bird…

And then they just sit there for a good 10+ counts while the girl who just played them all walks away…just goes to show, guys have no self esteem.

Before I finish this post, I just want to mention for a second my opinion on JYP’s terrible choice in song titles.  “A.D.T.O.Y”???  Not only is this a pain to type out every time, but I don’t even know how to refer to it.  “Adtoy”?  ‘A’-‘D’-‘T’-‘O’-‘Y’?  “All Day I Think Of You”?  Even “All Day I Think of You” is awkward as hell.  It’s a little bit like….”comeback when you hear this song”, which by the way is very meta and confusing because they spell comeback as one word and so it reminds me of a k-pop promotion ‘comeback’ and so I thought it was just referring to how the song was a ‘comeback’ and not a command telling the girl that she should come back and now I’m just rambling….moral of the story: keep it short and simple folks.




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