Comeback: INFINITE’S “Man In Love”


Infinite has been getting a lot of attention on this blog, what with the recent endeavors of Sungkyu’s solo work and the debut of Infinite H, and there’s no denying that they’re one of the top groups out there at the moment (or is that my bias speaking?).  BUT “Man in Love” displays a completely different side to Infinite than any of their most popular singles; a side that calls upon every ounce of their aegyo acting ability.  Can “Man in Love” live up to our high expectations?

Readers be glad!   I refuse to let this post degenerate into a frenzied fan-girl feeding fest.  In fact, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this music video.  First off, I was really disappointed that the whole MV was just a replay of all of the teasers Woolim Entertainment has been mercilessly taunting us with (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can start here and work your way down), just strung together in one place.  Hey Woolim, I saw all of this already.  Which not only is annoying, but also a bit disappointing, since the teasers were all comprised of members walking around dreamily or getting ready for a date or thinking about some girl…and then that’s it.  Nothing happens.  I watched all of the teasers expecting there to be some kind of resolution or development once the MV actually came out, and all I got was an even more ridiculous amount of cheesing at the camera.  You just don’t tease someone for NOTHING!  If all I wanted to do was drool over L’s cute expressions, then I could go to google images for that.  Or just bypass Infinite completely and watch a cat video…

Not amused.

Not amused.

OK, I’ll admit that kitten Sungjoon is playing with is REALLY REALLY CUTE.  But let’s be real, Sungjoon is more in love with that kitten than the girl who sent it.  It’s so obviously thrown in just for that extra cuteness factor that I almost refuse to ‘aaw’ (almost.).  Subtle, Woolim Entertainment.  Very subtle.

I wouldn’t be so disappointed if Woolim hadn’t come out with those teasers to hype everything up.  There just is no plot in this video, unless you call watching snippets of Sungkyu turning on Christmas lights or Sungyeol cooking dinner “plot”.  Which is unfortunate, since this video doesn’t do much to showcase Infinite’s dancing either (which is, as always, sooo glorious!!  Sorry; fangirl is leaving again).   At least in Super Junior’s “No Other” (which, by the way, has pretty much the exact same concept), women were in the video, with some wooing going on, and feelings of love and affection just infecting everybody like some adorable viral disease.  Maybe I’m just getting old, but I felt like this MV could only appeal to a bunch of pre-teen girls who still swoon with every sigh from their favorite idol.

I did however, get really excited at around 3:40 because I was almost positive there was going to be some kind of surprise twist/alternative ending coming.  Maybe it was my overactive imagination, but I thought that maybe…just maybe…Woolim was going to reveal that every member was IN FACT, crushing on each other like some huge circle of INFINITE incest!!  THINK ABOUT IT.  Just look at the way Sungkyu longingly gazes back at L as he walks by at 1:09:



OR how nervous Sungyeol gets when he realizes Woohyun is there right behind him:

He dropped ALL the fruits

He dropped ALL the fruits!

IT’S SO PROGRESSIVE.  Infinite hwaiting 😉

The song itself though is so damn catchy, and I have grown to absolutely love it.  The synth-heavy pop is a texture I’m just currently craving right now, and it conveys such a sense of pure elation.  Leave it to k-pop to know how to scream “I LOVE YOU” in the most bombastic way possible.  The raps are well integrated and the choreo is exciting (very classic ‘Infinite’ with knee pops and beat hits), and the bridge creates a nice build up into the chorus.  In this respect, “Man in Love” is a nice change from the “techno alternative pop rock with a slight tinge of emo” feel that Infinite has been cultivating, and it harkens back to some of the older Infinite hits such as “She’s Back” and “Nothing’s Over“.

All in all, I liked the direction that Infinite took with this comeback, and while nothing much happened in the video, there are still some notable parts to highlight:

1. L has the worst study habits ever.

He never even opened that Physics textbook.

2. Woohyun is singing to a bear, and taking piano lessons with a bunch of 5 year olds…

What is with K-pop and bears…

3. Hoya looks so nervous, it’s like he’s about to steal everything in that store:

Oh Hoya...

Oh Hoya…

4. Dongwoo…you’re a slob.

Infinite Man In Love Dongwoo books




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