Comeback: Nu’est’s “Hello”


This song is brilliant.

Nu'est Hello 2

I am totally digging this departure from Nu’est’s typical upbeat and cute promotions.  While I loved “Face” and “Not Over You“, neither of them really established Nu’est as a breakout boy group in my eyes; but something about “Hello” just really grabs my attention.  I love the constantly changing beat and the texture of the sound, which seamlessly incorporates elements of acoustic guitar, piano, and synthesizer together without sounding too heavy.  The dancing is precise and really demonstrates Nu’est’s technical ability, matching the changing of the back beat with individually stylized choreos that keep the video and performance visually captivating.

For example, in the very beginning of the song, we are first introduced to light guitar chords accompanied by some (I’ll admit, rather clichéd) finger snapping, which (in the live dance as well as the MV) is visually represented as a stationary emotive “struggle” across a table between Minhyun and the girl he is pining over:

Nu'est Hello Minhyun chair dance

Then as he is being dragged away, the beat kicks in and Baekho takes over accompanied by two back-up dancers in a much more staccato-flavored, dynamic dance.  Later, in the bridge, we are hit with a very steady pulsating beat that really drives the song all the way into the chorus, where all the members join in together in a series of rhythmic ticking.

There is so much more about this dance that I could gush about though.  First off, I love the tie section, not only because I have an unhealthy obsession with skinny ties but also because so much emotion gets conveyed in that one little motion of straightening your tie:

Is it a little hot in here??

Is it a little hot in here??

There’s just so much angst and discomfort, but conveyed in such a simplistic way too.  Nice.

The song itself is really sweet, with lyrics like: “hello, have you eaten already?” which vaguely remind of what my 80 year old grandma would ask me every day when I came home from school.  I really like the vocal interjections throughout the song that play back and forth between the members, because it makes the song more fluid, almost like a dialogue.  And the song is just so damn catchy; after listening to “Hello”, I’m literally belting out “여보세요” (yobosayo) all day long.  I’m especially a fan of the whip crack in the beginning of the chorus, which really slices through the general melancholy of the song.  One has to wonder though, if this sound effect is a symbol for how DAMN WHIPPED these boys are for all hopelessly chasing after the same girl.

And OK.  The whole concept of everyone in one k-pop group chasing after the same girl is FAR from uncommon (see “Special Girl“, CNBLUE’s “Love Girl“, or basically any UKISS song for reference), but I’ve never seen anyone take it THIS far:

This does not compute.

This does not compute.

And I mean, is the leading lady in this video a bit of a hoe or what?  I mean, she just kind of “lets” this happen to her:

wait...where are you going with that...

wait…where are you going with that…

I mean…talk about completely trolling on a rather intimate moment.  We can’t give her too much flack though, because she probably just has a lot of insecurities and self-esteem issues or something.  I mean, her boyfriend DOES look prettier than she does:

Ren.....sometimes I question....

Ren…..sometimes I question….

Besides the whole love-hexagon thing though, the video just overall isn’t very good.  I loved this song and dance, and the live performances are amazing, but this video is just so unimaginative.  First of all, the whole white-nebulous-vague-and-hazy-world setting, dance-on-street-lined-with-nostalgic-street-lamps scene, call-girl-with-random-mysterious-payphone and creep-on-couple-sitting-emotionally-in-a-car concept is sooo overdone.  I swear the next time someone gets approached to do something like this in a k-pop music video…






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