Comeback: Sistar19’s “Gone Not Around Any Longer”

Sistar splinter group Sistar19 (a name which I assume was chosen when the members were 19 years old… three years ago) is back with their grammatically correct song, “Gone Not Around Any Longer”! This time it comes as part of a debut mini-album.

Was this song written and choreographed by the same people who did “Dripping Tears” by Son Dam Bi? The similarities are striking, except for the fact that “Gone Not Around Any Longer” doesn’t have any bizarre hallucinatory plot lines (OR. DOES. IT?!?!? No, it doesn’t). However, the dance is similarly sensual and involves a lot of caressing of the face or chest, and the chorus has the same repetitive drone. But there’s something about the Sistar19 iteration that leaves me feeling a little off…

Sistar19 Hyorin Bora

Firstly, the choreography is completely uninspired. Maybe it’s just me, but having a prop like a clear bench really destroys the idea of movement through dance. And the choreo with it is just… Honestly? It looks like they’re wiping their BUTTS on that bench. Is that sexy to you? It is not an overstatement to say that this one dance move overtook my entire brain when I was watching the video. It was so clearly meant to be sexy yet so clearly UNsexy.

Either get up or sit down. STOP WAFFLING.

Either get up or sit down. STOP WAFFLING.

The other parts of the dance are fine, if not revolutionary or creative. Clearly, Sistar19’s caché is that they’re a couple of very attractive young women, and the dance tries to capitalize on that like many a young starlet has done before. I don’t actually know if they pull off sultry well enough, but it could be a plus as it means that they merely imply sexuality without being excessively overt. The dance suffers from being wooden at times (see: whenever they stretch their legs out robotically on the bench), detracting from the lilting, R&B rhythm of the track. Where it is most successful is actually when the dancers and Sistar19 caress their hearts/chests daintily, as it mimics and adds to the rhythm of the song (like well-choreographed dances should).

Welcome to the Sister19 HARD ABS WORKOUT VIDEO

Welcome to the Sistar19 HARD ABS WORKOUT VIDEO

While I do think the chorus of this song, as well as the track, is pleasant to listen to and nearly compelling, the sound is no longer fresh or new. Songs that I would put in a similar “sound” category include Son Dam Bi’s “Dripping Tears” (as mentioned before) and Secret’s “Talk That”. However, “Gone Not Around Any Longer” perhaps belongs in a lower echelon of this category solely due to the reprehensible use of saxophone throughout the ENTIRE song. Is it the 1990’s again? When did saxophone return to being a ‘cool’ sound? (Hint: it didn’t.) I would say that the use of the saxophone was the audial equivalent of the butt-wiping dance, and has subsequently colored my entire opinion of the song. Furthermore, the one paltry rap part is sort of unfair for Bora; she spends 90% of the song looking moody and not moving her mouth.

The reason the music video in general hasn’t really been mentioned before this point is because it’s essentially unremarkable. A lot of ambiguous backgrounds, a generic male romantic interest, and short shorts. The shorts are really short, but the turtlenecks and tacky gold jewelry really aged the clothing significantly, taking their outfits into cougar lady territory. I just don’t get the EXCESSIVE use of turtlenecks in this video. There are only a couple instances when people aren’t wearing them.

Matching white turtlenecks = LOVE

Matching white turtlenecks = LOVE

I mean, there’s really not much to say. We can talk about the different hues of the backgrounds, for one (that neon-y green was horrible and random), or maybe… I dunno… the piano that shows up part-way through the song? I mean, it’s really just a bunch of disjointed images with dancing girls wearing short-shorts superimposed on the top of them. Nothing is related. We are all disconnected from each other, and life is just a series of unrelated moments that we are somehow obligated to trudge through, soullessly staring into the camera (the metaphorical camera I mean), never knowing why we are being transported at hurtling speed through space-time, because we’re just slaves, mere peons, to flashy video filters and the forces of the universe.




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