Comeback: DMTN (Dalmatian)’s “Safety Zone”


Yes Dalmatian is BACK!

I’m sorry, I mean…DMTN.  OK let me just take a minute and discuss the absolute absurdity of k-pop group names.  First of all, PLEASE STOP CHANGING IT.  Is it BEAST or B2ST?  DBSK or TVXQ?  WHY make it so anyone who puts your group name in print has to make sure they include every variation of whatever you keep changing it to just to cover all of their bases?  Changing labels does not mean you have to change your name.  All I ask for is a little consistency, folks.

And please, Korea, let’s talk about these acronyms.  (D)esire, (M)otivation, (T)iming, (N)ow.  So deep.  So poetic.  So nonsensical.  While perhaps this is a little more profound than a spotted dog commonly associated with fire fighters or known for siring an outrageous number of puppies, but is this name really anything more than just a string of buzzwords that someone thought sounded good together?  I mean really, even if you were just picking 4 words to make up an acronym for DMTN, you could probably pick better words than “timing” and “now”.  I’m just saying, get it together multimillion dollar entertainment companies.

Let’s be honest here though, DMTN is not the worst offender.  Let me share a couple of my favorites:

MBLAQ: (M)usical (B)oys (L)ive in (A)bsolute (Q)uality
U-KISS: (U)biquitous (K)orean (I)nternational Idol (S)uper (S)tar
M.I.B.: (M)ost (I)ncredible (B)usters
B.A.P.: (B)est (A)bsolute (P)erfect

You know I love you all, but some of your names are just horrendous.

OK I’m sorry, let’s get back to Safety Zone.

DMTN safety zone

I was very excited for this comeback.  DMTN really caught my attention with their last single “ER” (or maybe it was their shirtless bodies that did it), and I’m happy to say they did not disappoint with this latest song.  For me, DMTN has always stood out from the sea of faceless boy bands because of their excellent singing and unique style of dancing, which may not be apparent in the MV but focuses a lot on cascading movements, graceful spins, and dramatic arm movements.  The live performances of this song are quite captivating.

“Safety Zone” is another really angsty song like ER, which is something I’ve come to associate with DMTN (which probably means they’re due for an image change).  The chorus isn’t anything notable, but as expected, its still quite catchy.  Since I don’t know Korean, usually when I have this song in my head it goes something like this: “daaabeejdafiehfaocha fafofije; RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT a;efoaiwjefo;ai jaaaaaaaa”.  I prefer the verses which are more subtly charged with intensity, especially Inati’s vocally layered, and Simon’s distorted, rapping (even though Simon pronounces the name of the song “SAFFFFTY ZONE”…!).

Overall I’m inclined to draw some comparisons to Big Bang’s “Monster” for sound, and “Blue” for cinematography.  There are several running scenes in “Safety Zone” that draw heavily from the famous G-Dragon run in “Blue”, and some of the close-up shots made me take a good hard second look:

DMTN safety zone simon-taeyang taeyang

That’s not to say there is nothing unique about “Safety Zone” though; for one, it is quite obvious that the members of DMTN are much, much colder than your average k-pop idol.  I mean seriously, maybe just because I’m writing this in below freezing weather, but I sympathize DMTN, I really do.

In the words of Epik High, "it's cold"

In the words of Epik High, “it’s cold”

The rest of the story line is pretty generic, girl gets captured and tied up by some mafia gang, while main leading man goes in with nothing but his bare hands (it’s to prove he’s manly) to beat up a bunch of guys to save her.  The ending is a little different in this case, because the guy actually DOES save the girl and doesn’t die in a futile declaration of his love.  He even gets help from back-up man Donglim who comes and saves the day!  That moment in the MV was actually extremely precious:

Bromance <3

Bromance ❤

But then I feel like Daniel gets a little too excited…


Over-the-top acting, or sadist?

And then they go ahead and do something like this:

Jumping iz fun!

Yah that’s not going to do much…

In short, “Safety Zone” features perhaps one of the worst fight scenes I have ever witnessed in a music video ever.  It was positively cringe-worthy…please just watch it for yourself.

Overall, I enjoy this song but find the music video unoriginal and a little too unbelievable.  MY JUDGEMENT:




2 thoughts on “Comeback: DMTN (Dalmatian)’s “Safety Zone”

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  2. You got me laughing at “daaabeejdafiehfaocha fafofije; RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT a;efoaiwjefo;ai jaaaaaaaa”. LOL XD But nice review ^_^.

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