Comeback: SHINee’s “Dream Girl”

The new thing in K-Pop is clearly to develop schizophrenia and then immediately begin to compose music and direct music videos. (The choreography is free from criticism, for the most part.) SHINee, as a flagship group of SM Entertainment, has seemingly caught the bug with their release “Dream Girl”, but at least the title of the song gives them some sort of excuse.

What I’m trying to say is, SHINEE’S BACK!

SHINee Dream Girl

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Comeback: Sistar19’s “Gone Not Around Any Longer”

Sistar splinter group Sistar19 (a name which I assume was chosen when the members were 19 years old… three years ago) is back with their grammatically correct song, “Gone Not Around Any Longer”! This time it comes as part of a debut mini-album.

Was this song written and choreographed by the same people who did “Dripping Tears” by Son Dam Bi? The similarities are striking, except for the fact that “Gone Not Around Any Longer” doesn’t have any bizarre hallucinatory plot lines (OR. DOES. IT?!?!? No, it doesn’t). However, the dance is similarly sensual and involves a lot of caressing of the face or chest, and the chorus has the same repetitive drone. But there’s something about the Sistar19 iteration that leaves me feeling a little off…

Sistar19 Hyorin Bora

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Comeback: B.A.P’s “One Shot”


Words cannot describe how excited I was for this comeback.  B.A.P has proven again and again that they are one of the most versatile groups out there, consistently throwing out some of the most intricate choreography and chilling vocals I have ever experienced.  Each member has so much talent, from Bang and Zelo’s powerful rapping, Youngjae and Daehyun’s amazing voices, Himchan’s charisma and instrumental background, and Jongup’s incredible dancing; they just bring such a vibrant energy to everything they do (and they do A LOT).  More importantly though, the members are also extremely involved in the creative process for many of their songs and lyrics, something that is so rare in the k-pop industry and really deserves to be respected.  And I mean COME ON, I have never seen beauty so highly concentrated in one area before.  B.A.P IS JUST ON FIREEEE.

That being said, did “One Shot” live up to these high expectations?

BAP One Shot

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Comeback: DMTN (Dalmatian)’s “Safety Zone”


Yes Dalmatian is BACK!

I’m sorry, I mean…DMTN.  OK let me just take a minute and discuss the absolute absurdity of k-pop group names.  First of all, PLEASE STOP CHANGING IT.  Is it BEAST or B2ST?  DBSK or TVXQ?  WHY make it so anyone who puts your group name in print has to make sure they include every variation of whatever you keep changing it to just to cover all of their bases?  Changing labels does not mean you have to change your name.  All I ask for is a little consistency, folks.

And please, Korea, let’s talk about these acronyms.  (D)esire, (M)otivation, (T)iming, (N)ow.  So deep.  So poetic.  So nonsensical.  While perhaps this is a little more profound than a spotted dog commonly associated with fire fighters or known for siring an outrageous number of puppies, but is this name really anything more than just a string of buzzwords that someone thought sounded good together?  I mean really, even if you were just picking 4 words to make up an acronym for DMTN, you could probably pick better words than “timing” and “now”.  I’m just saying, get it together multimillion dollar entertainment companies.

Let’s be honest here though, DMTN is not the worst offender.  Let me share a couple of my favorites:

MBLAQ: (M)usical (B)oys (L)ive in (A)bsolute (Q)uality
U-KISS: (U)biquitous (K)orean (I)nternational Idol (S)uper (S)tar
M.I.B.: (M)ost (I)ncredible (B)usters
B.A.P.: (B)est (A)bsolute (P)erfect

You know I love you all, but some of your names are just horrendous.

OK I’m sorry, let’s get back to Safety Zone.

DMTN safety zone

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