Comeback: VIXX’s “On and On”

What’s really going on here, exactly? Is VIXX trying to jump onto the Twilight bandwagon? (In that case, they’re Team Jacob.) Is Twilight even a thing overseas?

Either way, I guess this is the image that VIXX wants to project. Sexy extraterrestrial space werewolves. (OK, is it even a werewolf theme? I’m just going off of that assumption because of the giant moon in the background of every shot, and their monster eyes.) Can you THINK of any concept that’s more appealing?* If you can’t, and even if you can, this is definitely a promotion worth paying attention to. As a young group, it seems that they’re still struggling to find an identity. This time I feel like they’ve settled on an aggressive and otherworldly form of male sexuality; and it seems like it’s served them well, as the song has performed far better on the charts than any of their previous singles. But do they deserve the extra attention this time around?

Look. I know that K-Pop groups get teased a lot for using low-budget geometric backgrounds in their videos all the time, and I’m probably one of the worst offenders. But after watching this video I actually think I prefer that. By trying to haphazardly and shoddily create some sort of space planet, but by using as little money as possible, Jellyfish Entertainment has managed to take me far back into my childhood by invoking memories of the horrible and low-tech live-action shows that I would watch as a 3 year old (back when I had no semblance of what constituted “realistic”). I half expect Pink Ranger to pop out from behind that extremely realistic moss rock on the side of the screen right there.



And furthermore, why even create this tacky spaceship sequence? It looks so cheap it just takes away from the video even more:

This is so legit.

This is so legit.

So in general, the production values and overall plot of this video leave a lot to be desired. (If you’re wondering, my conception of the plot is that they were werewolves banished into space because they were being a menace to society, and they got so angry they had to just start dancing.) However, I actually appreciated the dance. Some may disagree with me here, but I enjoyed the move where the members look like they’re trying to hold some crystal ball: it was unique, changed the pace of the dance in an interesting manner, and also tied back to the werewolf/moon theme.

Maybe they're just trying to possess my brain.

Maybe they’re just trying to possess my brain.

Stylistically, it’s all typical K-pop boy group hair and clothes. These glasses deserve a mention, though, because I feel like they were stolen from some sort of unholy matrimony of a hipster-rave (Burning Man + EDC ??), and they just make everyone look like they have huge glow-in-the-dark eyebrows. I’m still trying to work out my feelings about them:

Don't look so smug, because you look like an idiot.

Don’t look so smug, because you look like an idiot.

It’s too bad that I didn’t enjoy the video so much, because I think it’s fair to say this is actually a quality song that VIXX has released. Filled with energy, the smattering of techno/rock sounds that listeners seem to enjoy in moderation, and a set of vocal harmonies that harken back to the 1980’s, “On and On” is catchy and appealing. It’s certainly not revolutionary by any means – the sound is typical of K-Pop, especially in terms of the high pitched, almost monotone chorus – but it contains just enough to set it apart from the rest of the pack. Add that to a relatively charismatic group of singers/dancers (I don’t even want to touch on the rap, because it was very weak) and you have a promotion that packs enough punch to differentiate a group from the rest of the herd.


  • All of them dress up as ice cream cones at a shop called “Vixx n Cones”
  • A post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious cabinet called “Vixx” rules the world and gives everybody free Samsung Galaxy Note II (c)’s to finally achieve a utopian paradise
  • A band of brothers, last name “Vixx”, who roam the world on their horses looking for gold, but in the end discover that family is the most valuable kind of gold after all
  • A medical practice at Vixx Hospital where there is a zombie uprising that the brave, sexy doctors must fight off with brazenly creative uses of medical equipment/supplies (hint: lots and lots of gauze)
  • A girl has her sight restored but the man who loves her will never see her smile because he gave his eyes to her
  • A coke bender

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