First Impressions: Infinite H’s “Special Girl’


Wow Infinite is just ON FIRE these days and really establishing themselves as some of the most popular boys in the entire k-pop industry.  After winning the triple crown of music shows last year with their biggest hit so far “The Chaser“, Sung Kyu (the leader of Infinite) came out with his highly praised solo debut “60 Seconds“.  And now–NOW we have the highly anticipated debut of yet another Infinite sub group: Infinite H, which is composed of Hoya and Dongwoo, two extremely talented members best known for their dancing and rapping skillz.

BUT if this debut shows us anything, it’s that Hoya and Dongwoo have much more to offer the giddy fan-girl within you (guys, you know you have one too).  These boys can dance, rap, sing, and look hella good all the while doing it.  I believe the term ‘triple threat’ has been used to describe Hoya and Dongwoo now on more than one occasion.  Seriously Woolim Entertainment, while the concept of twins is intriguingly compelling, there was probably no need to debut “Tasty” last year when you had these two in your back pocket.

Infinite H Special Girl

OK so what’s actually good about this debut?  Well first of all, this song is rocking.  With a beat made by Primary and lyrics written by Bumkey of 2wins, “Special Girl” has a really unique sound that blends together a lot of pop and R&B elements.  Seriously, I could put this song on repeat, just strolling down the street, and not help but smile and bop to the beat.  Wow that was really corny, and I wish I could say that I didn’t actually mean to rhyme that many times in a row.  but hey, this song is corny too, in a really cute and shy way, and I just love how disarmingly charming and awkward Hoya and Dongwoo are in the music video.  The best part though, is how obvious it is that Hoya isn’t even acting:

Infinite H Special Girl Hoya uncomfortable

What a natural.

In fact, Hoya’s expression doesn’t really change much throughout the entire MV, which was kind of disappointing.  It’s sort of frozen in this furrowed brow, grimaced happiness, which is sort of just the way Hoya’s face is.  But I’m not really going to complain:

Infinite H Special Girl Hoya

On the complete opposite hand, Dongwoo totally blew my mind away with the sheer amount of charisma he brought to everything he did.  Honestly, I never paid much attention to Dongwoo before (his face kind of creeped me out sometimes, and I swear he’s had some of the most god-awful haircuts I’ve ever seen before on a k-pop idol), but he was just SO ENDEARING!  Let me now please present to you the many faces of Jang dongwoo:






Infinite H Special Girl Dongwoo Face aegyo




Of course, you can’t go wrong with the english in this song either, my favorite line being “yeah so sweet so sexy hey”, and Dongwoo looking at the main girl in the video like this:

All day, all night loong.

All day, all night loong.

What I can’t understand though is WHY Hoya and Dongwoo are chasing after the same girl who is leading the two of them on like it’s her job.  SHE’S PLAYING YOU BOTH FOR FOOLS!  COME ON INFINITE H, BROS BEFORE HOES; SMACK THAT BITCH DOWN.

I know I haven’t made my opinions about this group very clear yet, so I’ll just say it here: Infinite H is like, really awesome.  All of their guest appearances on the Gayo Daejuns for 2012 were spectacular and their live performances have not let me down.  I am already, very impatiently, waiting for more.  Infinite 화이팅!


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