Comeback: SNSD’s “I Got a Boy”


The long awaited return of Girls’ Generation has finally arrived with the release of ‘Dancing Queen‘ and ‘I Got a Boy’!  There’s nothing quite like some SNSD to kick off the new year, and take my word for it, 2013 has been kicked hard.  ‘I Got a Boy’ has generated a lot of attention, and a good amount of it hasn’t exactly been positive.  But in my humble, expert opinion, I say ‘I Got a Boy’ is one of SNSD’s best songs to date.  As GG would say, let me break it down for you.

SNSD I Got a Boy


Perhaps the most unique aspect of this particular song is that it sounds extremely disjointed, as if ‘I Got a Boy’ had originally been three songs that SM Entertainment decided to just mash together.  It begins with an intro rap section that has a simple beat decorated by a lot of random ornamental sound effects.  Honestly this part just feels like its trying to be a little too ghetto for SNSD to pull off.  Luckily for us though, it’s very short.

Next comes one of the more prominent themes in the song, characterized by heavy clanging block piano chords and a catchy line of ‘OH OH OHs’ that SNSD would be remiss to leave out.  The other theme soon follows, a kind of techno/dub-step breakdown that soon mixes with all the previous elements to create a song that quite flawlessly transitions between a declaration of confidence and an exclamation of jubilation.  There’s a lot of spunk and power to this song, which I really love.

We then go into a slowed down portion of the song usually referred to as the ‘ballad’, which also lasts for a short time before Jessica interrupts and ‘brings it back to 140’ (I’m still not sure whether I find these little interjections cute or annoying).  While the song would be perfectly fine without this, it does give a chance for Tiffany to show off some of her…

SNSD I Got a Boy Tiffany


Now there’s been a lot of Netizen negativity about the structure of this song, but I think it’s quite genius.  Yes it seems almost ADD at times, but when it comes to music my attention span is rather ADD anyway.  I tire of songs that repeat themselves over and over again after getting less than halfway through.  Why do songs have to stick to the same boring formula of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus  for us to enjoy listening to it?  I for one appreciate a song that makes me slightly uncomfortable at first listen by being a bit unconventional. Now if this had been done like some hasty quack stitch up job like Mr. Simple, yes I would hate it.  But the different elements introduced in this song weave in and out almost seamlessly within the sections of the song, and the different sections themselves come together to show off the different dimensions of the group as a whole.  It’s addictive.


One thing that SNSD always smacks down is the dancing, and this song is no different.  I especially love the parts where they split into two groups that playfully face off with each other:



and the synchronized freezing at 2:52:

SNSD I Got a Boy dance

ugggghh stomach ache….

which both complement the music quite nicely.  The whole choreography as a whole just rocks, and I would feel proud to be able to perform it which is not something I can say about all k-pop dances (especially female ones).


Now there were a lot of random things about this music video that only SM could have put in, some harmless things like the wonderful ‘Ayo!  GG Yeah Yeah’ sign in the background and the expected clichéd colorful backdrops that SM has become notorious for. There were also some not-so-harmless things like the inclusion of a “Welcome Motherf*ckers ” hat on Sunny’s head that was so heavily criticized that SM had to re-release the MV without it.  At least Seohyun had the decency to censor just a little bit more:

SNSD I Got a Boy Seohyun

Honestly though, netizens should find something a little more important to rage about.  K-pop is full of much more glaring racial insensitivies out there…

Oh Big Bang...

Oh Big Bang…

I was never a huge SNSD fan, but this song just really does it for me.  I feel positive that if ‘I Got a Boy’ didn’t give people a good first impression, it will absolutely grow on you if you just give it a couple more listens.


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