Comeback: SNSD / Girls’ Generation with “Dancing Queen” AKA the Lesser SNSD Single

Y’all, THEY’RE BACK! And even though this was SNSD’s first release from their newest album, I think it’s safe to dub “Dancing Queen” the Lesser Single, as I Got a Boy was released about a week later and dazzled/confused everybody into a stupor. The “Dancing Queen” music video, however, can stand on its own merits, which include an ambiguous song title, a cat dance, and a failing diner.

And WHY does this song sound so familiar? …It’s almost like it sounds the exact same as this other song I’ve heard, I feel like. OH WAIT I REMEMBER NOW.

The song’s name has been changed to “Dancing Queen”, which makes me suspect that there have been drastic edits made to the content of the lyrics. (Call it my killer intuition.) However, besides the change in language, the song is exactly like the English version so I won’t touch on it too much. (Hint: I don’t like the original.) Also, apparently it was supposed to be released in 2008 but was instead usurped by the inescapable smash “Gee”, which I can promise you you are singing in your head at this very moment. I think that was a pretty good choice on SM’s part.

What I can touch on, however, is the state of this video. The girls are back in traditional assorted pants fashion, in myriad colors. And I mean it. They have jeans in a LOT of different colors.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 11.00.10 PM

SO MANY COLORS. Also where are all the chairs in this diner?

Clearly, there is no money to be made at this diner because there is room for like 10 customers in total to sit on the sides of the room in the few booths that they have. And half the time the booths are taken by who I can only assume are the employees of this failing establishment, the members of SNSD. I’m sure their long legs, colorful jeans, and button-up shirts will attract a good deal of patrons though. Too bad the patrons will be standing the whole time!

However, I get the feeling that this diner actually moonlights as some kind of nightclub, and the DJ is even kind enough to take requests:

What a sweetheart.

What a sweetheart.

I can’t help but think that they’re going to have trouble cornering both the diner-going and nightclub-going market in one venue.

The thing I had the BIGGEST problem with, however, was definitely the dance. An overall unremarkable and basically inoffensive video (with some worrying plot inconsistencies however) was marred by this horrible series of movements that had me thinking about hairballs, catnip, and the mean tabby my piano teacher used to have who wouldn’t let me turn the pages without viciously scratching my hands thus forcing me to prove that I hadn’t memorized a single one of the pieces I was supposed to GOD I HATED THAT CAT.

No but seriously, the entire woman/cat comparison was always a bit bizarre to me, and SNSD’s choreographers have taken it to the next level with this alternating series of cute cat movements and boob/butt rubbing. Again, it’s that horrifying mixture of little girl and grown woman sexy that is putting me off. I’ll leave you with this wondrous expression:

Ugh. I can't. Even.

Ugh. I can’t. Even.



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