Comeback: Sunny Hill’s “Goodbye to Romance”


First off, I’m going to be honest and put it on the record now that I am horribly biased towards male k-pop groups, which makes me so excited that there’s finally a (mostly) girl group that I can review with a smile.  Sunny Hill has always been a group I’ve well respected, being one of the rare co-ed groups in the industry (Janghyun, the guy, is currently in the military so you won’t see him promoting this song), and for putting out some of the heaviest, most meaningful songs k-pop has to offer.

This song however, is the exact opposite of heavy and meaningful.  In fact the chorus sounds downright J-poppy with its climbing vocals and synthesized beat.  I love the piano chords and the funky bass beat in the beginning which really gives it a kind of retro 90’s feel to the intro, although every time I hear it I’m convinced the theme song to “Free Willy” is starting.  (I’m sad if you don’t understand this reference, because that means you must have had a very deprived childhood.)

The song is "Will You Be There" by Michael Jackson by the way.

The song is “Will You Be There” by Michael Jackson by the way.

The retro kind of vibe fits perfectly with this song however, because it’s one of those nostalgic, feel-good end of the year songs that are just sappy as crap but are so catchy that you can’t help but begrudgingly like.  Muted pastel colors, old fashioned one shot camerawork, and old childhood scenes about first love are a corny but appropriate way to end the year and get in the holiday spirit.  And these kinds of videos are rather rare in the k-pop industry, so kudos to Sunny Hill!

There are of course, still things I have to complain about, one being how annoying the aegyo singing throughout the whole song is.  I don’t care if it fits the theme and message of the song, please stop straining your voice to make it sound like you’re 10.  Some nice, powerful but delicate voices would have made this song infinitely better.  And also, Sunny Hill literally spent a full 30 seconds out of their 4:27 minute video posing for a group picture.  I WAS SO BORED.  It’s OK to not have a video full of dancing and over-the-top costumes, but a full 30 seconds of smiling at a camera?  Really?

Maybe this wouldn't take as long if you stopped fixing your hair...

Maybe this wouldn’t take as long if you stopped fixing your hair…

The ending was precious though, with all of the members sitting together with their mini-mes and waving their viewers goodbye.  Not going to lie though, those little kids were probably more interesting to watch than Sunny Hill.  I can’t help to feel just a tad bit uneasy however, seeing those kids, because it very strongly calls to mind a very infamous music video in k-pop history…

At least they weren't wearing animal suits...

At least they weren’t wearing animal suits…


Anyway, this song was just corny and cute enough for me to like it in time for the holidays, but I dare to venture I wouldn’t appreciate it normally.  I pray Sunny Hill comes back with some more hard hitting songs next time.


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