Comeback: Secret’s “Talk That”

This is an improvement from Secret’s previous video, “Poison”. But if I’m honest, I would probably rank “Poison” only just below Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” on the scale of how much it enrages me.

The thing about this song/music video is that I think it tries to be something it’s not. But in the middle of some kind of symbolic, artistic set, the director/etc. realized it was hopeless and abandoned that idea altogether maybe halfway through. Basically, they took one look at the girls’ boobs and decided that those were gonna be the star.

I did notice a few artsy things particularly in the beginning. For instance, the music video takes place in a dilapidated environment, representing our tortured and desolate souls. In this environment the girls of Secret are found staring off into the distance in a depressed and artsy way. (This is seriously the criteria for anything remotely artsy. You have to be sad and looking away. OH THE ART OF IT ALL.) Plus, who can forget those super old and aged letters that are singed at the edges just so you know they’re super old and aged? They kind of remind me of a middle school project I once did. Also, even though these SUPER AGED letters were written so long ago, they still used textspeak:


goodbye see u. GOODBYE SEE U. Also note the prose above the last line, with words such as “iei” and “iieow” (or potentially, “üeow”).

However, during this video we see the return of the ubiquitous geometric background. This is the sign of a director giving up. No creativity whatsoever. Look guys, there are people dancing, so they have to be in front of something shiny and nonsensical. That’s the way it’s always been.

Also, this SANTA CHRISTMAS DRESS needs to receive a specific mention from me. Just in time for the holidays!

Too much velvet.

Too much velvet.

And of course, Boobs!

This outfit is just as classy.

This outfit is just as classy.

You know, part of me appreciates the boobs because while I haven’t been to S. Korea specifically, I have noticed in some parts of E. Asia that walking around with your shoulders bare or with any sort of cleavage will attract a lot of disapproving stares. However, you can wear a skirt that goes all the way up to your crotch if you so desire. The inequality has always bothered me. LET OUR SHOULDERS AND CLEAVE BE FREE. (BUT MAYBE NOT SHOULDERS CLEAVE AND LEG AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSE THAT’S TACKY)

Oh look more boobs! Wait these are knees.

Oh look more boobs! Wait these are knees.

Overall, an acceptable but not exemplary effort from Secret. I know I’m tinged with the bias of their previous music video, but this song sounds really similar to Dripping Tears by Son Dam Bi and the video is not nearly as wacky. However, musically I prefer this song to “Poison”, which had a shrill chorus and very synthetic production values. This one… is also highly produced, but it doesn’t sound as obnoxious or shrill to me. So good job, Secret!


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