Comeback: Nell’s “White Night”

OK so Nell isn’t exactly k-POP, but we here at KPWOP don’t discriminate.  We welcome all forms of good music and many forms of absolutely terrible music, as long as it’s in Korean.


This music video was refreshingly dark compared to the usual cloying love sap you see in Korean music videos.  It seemed almost to be a social commentary on marriage as a failed institution, with the ring being a symbol of oppression that the male lead clings to in the place of true love.

One kill them all

One ring…to kill them all

In case you were confused by the video, here’s the basic breakdown of the story:

The MV starts out in a dilapidated room full of holes and canisters and broken movie equipment.  A girl wakes up and immediately starts choking, symbolizing the slow suffocation of the horrible relationship that has begun to extinguish the very life within her.  As life drains out of her she desperately searches for oxygen among the ruins of an old movie projector, which is the physical manifestation of a happier, nostalgic facade that has long since fallen into disrepair.  She stumbles out of the room and encounters the dead body of her husband, frozen over by a sheet of ice.  Confused and horrified, she runs away, only to discover her own dead body lying in the adjacent room.  Both had fallen pray to a slow and mutual destruction, blindly holding onto the memories of their past relationship and thus dooming themselves forever to a cold and white night.


I opt for a less conventional storyline.  The girl has ACTUALLY fallen victim to a sadistic mass murderer (we’ll call him….oh let’s just go with “Jigsaw”) who has knocked her unconscious and locked her into a house with no escape (because seriously, why else doesn’t she just leave…just try the fucking front door).  The house not only is filled with a slow airborne poison that is causing the alveoli in her lungs to bleed out, but there’s also a thin film of a mysterious white powder coating everything in the room (upon further review, we’ve determined this to be either cocaine or anthrax).

does this look like snow to you?

does this look like snow to you?

She walks out of the room and discovers Jigsaw’s previous victim, a man who had been serially marrying women all his life for tax cuts.  This man was forced to play a game, a game in which he had to cut off his wife’s ring finger to save his own life.

This distraught woman then stumbles into the next room and sees her own body lying on the floor.  It suddenly hit her; she had been harvested at a young age to create an army of clones to be used in Jigsaw’s atrocities.  She then collapses to the ground as the anthrax seeps into her blood stream, doomed to be forever tortured by Jigsaw and his depraved games.

I would like to play a game...

I would like to play a game…

Whichever interpretation you choose to go with is up to you, but just remember, we here at KPWOP don’t understand Korean so we can’t actually tell you if either of these interpretations match the meaning of the song.

We do however think that “White Night” is a great piece of music that fuses together a lot of modern rock elements with the classic Korean ballad.  I am just a sucker for the cello part that plays 3 minutes into the MV, and the synthesized twinging in the chorus is just ADDICTIVE.

Rumor has it that this is only the beginning of Nell’s “Gravity” trilogy album.  We definitely look forward to seeing more Nell in the future.


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