Comeback: TVXQ’s “Humanoids”


I have been waiting for this music video to come out for forever, since SM has been shamelessly promoting this song live at concerts and just teasing us with poor quality fan cams, and I have to say I have mixed feelings about this comeback.  I don’t particularly like the song (although to be honest, it’ll probably grow on me with a couple more listens) and the music video is far from original, but there are just so many things in this music video that I just found incredibly…amusing.  And I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Let’s start with the intro.  “Humanoids” starts off like a typical SM entertainment MV; we’re introduced to some bizarre, mechanized wasteland intermixed with a brightly lit glass room that’s supposed to inspire…what, awe?  Mystery?  A deep profound wistfulness for the inevitable passing of time?

Not this again…

Yaah…no.  All it really inspired in me is the desire to put on sunglasses.

We then hit the start of the dance, and here things start to get a little interesting.  First of all, I really like that deep baritone voice announcing that “It’s time” coming out of Changmi–wait what?  Oh Changmin, that’s clearly not you in the recording!  OK fine, I can pretend that’s believable, but only because I’m distracted by those TACKY polyester jackets that they are so fashionably sporting:

Seriously, I know Yunho is known for being a sort of fashion icon, but I just can’t find any merit in these…except maybe for good rain coverage.

I do however, genuinely enjoy the first drop of the beat.  Clearly TVXQ is going for a robotic theme with this new album, coming off of the techno/dubstep single “Catch Me” they released a little bit ago, and their robot moves aren’t too shabby.  But then they go into this strange jumping swan move–couple this with the now PASTEL polyester suits and the obnoxious lens flares (they’re like kpop’s bastard child that just won’t go away) and you’ve got yourself a pretty unsettling scene.

So this is what humanoids are…

The rest of the video is pretty straightforward.  Changmin is teleported by his mysterious Millennium Puzzle Piece (I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t be referencing Yu-Gi-Oh) to where Yunho is, where they are then reunited and transported to some other dimension or world or wherever it is humanoids go.  The dance is well-done if not quite as memorable as “Catch Me”, and TVXQ always makes great creative use of their back up dancers.  I got the vague impression though, that a few of the moves are just recycled from other SM dances (i.e. 2:09; EXO’s Mama anyone?).  Regardless, I can’t deny that TVXQ looked hot, at least when they weren’t wearing clothes that induced nausea:

That smirk…

Of course my absolute FAVORITE part of the video comes at 3:08 when Changmin exclaims, “EVERYBODY LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE!!” accompanied by none other than the corniest back track of cheering I’ve ever heard unnecessarily put into a music video.  I really felt like I’d switched to ESPN for a second there.

The rest of the music video composed of some nice distant staring into the camera and then…

I felt like I had been transported into an EXO music video and the EXO-Planet logo was popping up.  If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, just take my word for it.  And watch some EXO music videos.

Besides all of the strange elements SM decided to include in this video, I really like seeing Max and U-Know being so active because, I confess, they still hold a special spot in my heart.  No matter what kind of pastel colored suits they wear, they’ll always be some of the more respected idols out there.  SO GOOD JOB GUYS.  Always keep the faith!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Comeback: TVXQ’s “Humanoids”

  1. “It’s T-t-t-t- TIME TO DUEL!” (Another Yu-Gi-Oh reference, you’re welcome.) I really can’t resist sharing my opinions on this video so when I get the chance to give it a good watch I shall add more comments here.

    • Did you notice those pastel jackets had SEQUINS on them? And the lamé gold/silver jackets they were wearing at the beginning. Oh my god. The tackiness is overwhelming. I LOVE IT.
      I had a lot more to say about this video, but in the middle all the flashing lights gave me a seizure and I blacked out.

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