Comeback: The QUEEN Son Dam Bi returns with “Dripping Tears”

I know that BoA is the QUEEN of Kpop, but isn’t Son Dam Bi… the OTHER Queen?


Ok, folks. You know I have to talk about this. There is no possible way I can resist:

So. Sexy.

No, I’m not talking about Son Dam Bi. Her lithe, womanly body and slender legs have NOTHING on those checkered beauties swaying behind her. I especially love the little bows on the top of their heads, as if they’re wearing body-shaped bags that have to be tied at the top. And that they have no faces. (The lack of breathing holes worries me however.) I mean… if that outfit isn’t stylin’, what is?

I could talk about those dancers for hours – and I probably will, in some other venue – but there’s a lot more in this song and video that can be discussed. The song, firstly, melds ballad with electronic to great effect; the ambiance and mood created is very distinctive and furthermore, the chorus listens like a catchy, ethereal echo (“chururu… chururu…” I really hoped I typed that correctly but you get what I’m saying).  I will say that she doesn’t have the most powerful or emotive voice, but the iciness and clearness of her sound nonetheless contribute to the overall vibe of the song.

Son Dam Bi looks beautiful in the dance, but the choreography had far too much face wiping for my taste.

“Sorry, I fell asleep and started drooling… chururu… chururu…”

Like the song, I appreciated the ambiance of the music video and I think they added upon each other well. (I didn’t appreciate the music parlor scenes, because I think that’s a very tired trope that is everywhere in music videos around the world.) However, the music video is still a bunch of crazy. After my fifth watching trying to review this I think I’ve figured out the plot:

1. Caged bird sings at some sort of music parlor/lounge/bar.

2. Caged bird gets mad at her imprisonment and rips out a chandelier, looking on with dead eyes.

3. Crazy girl sent to asylum.

4. Crazy girl goes crazier and then is drowned in a bathtub.

5. She finds sanctuary on the beach of her subconscious, finding a giant egg to sit on.

That giant egg looks sooo comfy!

Get it, guys? “DRIPPING TEARS.” It all makes sense now.


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