First Impressions: Kim Sung Kyu’s “60sec”


I.  have.  SO many feels about this music video.  First, YAY Sung Kyu is breaking into a solo career (fyi he’s the leader of Infinite)!  But let’s get down to the REALLY important thin–OH MY GOD L IS SO CUTE IN THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry for the excessive fan-girling, but I haven’t had a good dose of Infinite in quite a long time now, and this is a side of Infinite I haven’t been exposed to nearly enough.  While I’m sad there’s none of the amazing dancing that got me to fall in love with Infinite in the first place, I’m SO EXCITED to see a naturally sensitive side shining through in this music video!  And I emphasize natural because that hasn’t always been their strong suit:

This whole video was….disturbing.

I keep saying “Infinite” even though this is Sung Kyu’s solo debut because his fellow bandmate L (Myung-Soo) is the main actor in this music video and frankly I’m going to focus a lot on him because he did a PHENOMENAL job.  When he started crying I literally felt my heart breaking…but I’m getting ahead of myself now.

Sung Kyu did an amazing job too though, and I would hate to do him an injustice and have L overshadow his debut here.  His impressive vocals (and let’s be honest, him and Woohyun are probably the only ones in Infinite who can sing without a back track) didn’t let me down, and he looks positively STUNNING.

I am totally digging that vibrant red hair. Kudos Mr. Woolim-Entertainment-Stylist.

The song has a nice angst-y quality to it too, and something about the singularly haunting piano notes in the chorus particularly struck a chord in me.

OK let’s get down to the music video.  I love the ambiguity of the concept; is the girl an ex-girlfriend or a love that never happened?  Are they in alternate time-lines separated by events that occurred in just a short 60 second time interval, or is 60 seconds a reference to how quickly something so beautiful can be lost?  Personally I think it’s the latter, and the part where he returns the ring to his ex-girlfriend is just so raw.  Whichever way you interpret it, you really can’t deny the chemistry between the two actors.

L is quickly becoming my bias in Infinite.

And yes the music video isn’t the epitome of originality but there’s something subtle in the way L portrays his heartbreak that really got to me.  There’s not a single word that passes between the two actors the entire video, but I feel like I completely understand their relationship in just this short 30 second montage.  And even though L’s face was frozen in this sort of numb longing expression for most of this video, I found that I could appreciate it much more than I would the dramatic, frenetic sobbing that you usually see in these kinds of productions.

Oh my heart.

Of course, there were plenty of not-so-subtle elements in this music video as well:

Who even IS this guy?

Alright Sung Kyu, I enjoyed your debut.  Solid song, cute video, good production value, there’s not much you can really find fault with.  And of course, I really enjoyed L’s performance in it too.  And just as an FYI, I really tried to restrain from fan-girling too much but…come on, what good is there about k-pop if you can’t fan girl over something every once in a while?

(And by every once in a while I mean like, once every 5 minutes.)


6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Kim Sung Kyu’s “60sec”

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  5. I just want to say that I found you guys while searching for Infinite. My friend introduced me to the work that is Kpop and now I am hooked. I have to say that I love all your reviews on the music videos. I am now going to make sure that I check this blog often to enjoy you guys personalities and love for Kpop.

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