Comeback: FIESTAR’s “We Don’t Stop”


FIESTAR stirred up quite a lot of hype as Loen Entertainment’s first girl group when they debuted just this September with ‘Vista’.  Impressively, they’ve made a quick comeback two months later with “We Don’t Stop”, and I’m pleased to see that they are capable of consistently turning out quality promotions.

This comeback sports a variety of funky hairstyles and bright outfits, and begins with a clichéd montage of sped up merriment and high pitched squeaking which honestly. was slightly off-putting at first.    Nothing really stands out about the MV, except that I felt it did a good job reflecting the attitude of the song.  It sucked me in with its innocence and sincerity; sometimes I felt like I was flying, sometimes I felt like I was dancing…and sometimes I felt like I was being sent on an acid trip.


Overall this group is solid.  They have a knack for catchy, upbeat tunes and addicting choruses, and I love how they weave a variety of completely different elements into the same song without it sounding like a train wreck (or like “Mr. Simple”–sorry Super Junior).  “We Don’t Stop” seems to transition flawlessly from punk rap to soft ballad and it all MAKES SENSE.  If I wasn’t so cynical, the constant pounding of the message “We Don’t Stop” in the chorus and background might actually be inspirational.

Look at that raw emotion.

Frankly, I’m reminded of f(x) a lot in this song, especially in their outfits and dance moves, but FIESTAR is definitely unique enough to call their own.  Perhaps I’m a bit biased towards girl groups that don’t rely on aegyo and repetitive droning (curse you BO PEEP!), but I think FIESTAR will show that South Korea is hungry for more charismatic and edgy girl groups.


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