‘Til the Sun Rises: My Take

There are some awesome things about this video, and there are also some not so awesome things.

First awesome thing: THIS ENTIRE OUTFIT. I love those pants and that jacket. Yes this is a big deal for me, so big of a deal I’m including a picture of it before the jump: 

Give me those pants.


Sadly… that was probably the only cool style choice of the video. The red jacket vest with the gold buttons is really not a good look, especially because it’s a vest. And it shows up in his other live performances too (I’ve done my research, fools!)

Because I know no Korean save for a few words, I usually use the English context I’m given to mentally fill in the rest of the lyrics. This song is called ‘Til the Sun Rises. I can only guess what Mr. Baek wants to do ’til the sun rises, but I have a lot of really nasty guesses… too explicit for the main page. (SO EXPLICIT)Even if the Korean doesn’t OUTRIGHT mention doing nasty things, you can bet that’s what they’re implying. (And by that I mean he wants to knit sweaters with a girl ’til the sun rises.) The thing is, like my partner in this endeavor, I also noticed that there was a lot of cheesin going on in this music video. That’s a lot of smiling. Shouldn’t he be trying to be seductive? I dunno, what does seduction even look like for this guy?

My approximation of what he’s singing: “Let’s do it on your parents’ bed. (As in knit)”


Okay, I think I’m seduced.

Another thing I noticed was a subtle homage to MJ throughout the whole thing. The “oooh OOH ooh” is definitely reminiscent of MJ’s trademark falsetto, and I think the choreography, notably the moonwalk-esque steps, can also be seen as an homage to some of MJ’s trademark moves. Maybe they’re trying to market this guy as an MJ-like artist?

My overall impression of the song – it’s okay. It’s better than most but the chorus veers into manufactured and conventional grounds. I think he has more talent that. The music video is mainly used to showcase Mr. Baek’s face and dancing skills, both of which are on great display in this case. He’s certainly a talented dancer, and I’m sure many girls will find his face very enticing. He may have JUST enough originality to break through the great wall of Kpop.


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