Comeback: B1A4’s “Tried to Walk”

One thing I’ve learned about Kpop is that basically every subsequent release is called a ‘comeback’. Originally I thought that this meant that every Kpop group was coming back from long hiatuses or disgrace and/or scandal. No… they were just recording… for their comeback.


The first 10 seconds or so of this song are deceiving, as it sounds like the typical sort of bouncy ballad that I have come to associate with B1A4. Yes… I used to really dislike this group for their cloying image and the cheap movie sets they would dance in front of while trying to be as CUTE and ANNOYING as possible. So I was immediately enraged. Then the beat kicked in. I love the pulsating quality of it, how the bass and the synth and their voices are all pulsating together. Is this starting to sound sexual? BECAUSE CHECK OUT BARO’S VOICE. (Start at about 1:50… you won’t be disappointed.) Yeah, I know every boy group has to have that deep-voiced rapper, but they’re there because they work. On my ovaries.

I’m loving the ambiance of this video… half natural wasteland and half URBAN wasteland (see what I did there?). And I liked the stylistic progression from lush greenery to more dead, dark, and steadily more urban settings. But what the hell:

I tried to walk but now I’m stuck in a wooly mammoth skeleton!

I’m sure there’s some kind of symbolism here but they just look like some lameass ribs to me. Are they trying to tell me they’re paleontologists? Also look at the KILT that guy is wearing, paired with a black sweater adorned with sparkly stars. And matching tights! Ah… Kpop.

Speaking of unexplainable outfits, the one below just made me positively giddy:


I mean, this is just perfect. I want to stare at it for hours and tease out the symbolism. LOOK AT THE OWL ABOVE WHERE HIS HEART SHOULD BE… oh my god. And you KNOW they picked it so it would match with the scenery. I just don’t even understand where this comes from. Is there a whole line of button-up shirts with tapestries of paintings on them? (Yes I realize it’s probably a very famous designer, and so expensive that I’ll never be able to afford it, which is why I’m so in awe right now.)

Anyways, if you can’t already tell, I’m in love with the video and song. What was once hatred has turned into adoration. I know that I’m being manipulated by the record company that drives B1A4 but right now I don’t really care. It’s clickin’ on all cylinders for me. Including that wooly mammoth.


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