Comeback: A-JAX’s “2MYX”


In this month of exciting k-pop comebacks and debuts, A-JAX strikes once again with a lackluster, unimpressive promotion.  I’m probably not the only one who has begun to associate A-JAX with sub-par vocals and tuneless melodies that just don’t seem to go anywhere.  It’s a little frustrating because it’s clear that A-JAX has some of the crispiest dance moves out there right now.  It’s just overwhelming how little I desire to hear this song ever again.

Let’s start off with the name.  What the hell is a Hufflep–2MYX??  DSP Media has already shown dubious judgement when it comes to English usage (i.e. ‘One 4 U’–which is a little too reminiscent of Britney Spears), but can we at least come up with something catchy?  I don’t even know how to pronounce this.  Is it “two-mix” like the group that sings ‘White Reflection’ (Gundam Wing anyone?) or is it some obscure acronym for something incredibly “profound”?  Knowing k-pop trends, it’s most likely the latter.

This song itself is just bland.  I can’t remember how it goes 5 minutes after hearing it, and it is clearly meant to be some kind of homage to Michael Jackson.  The majority of the MV just plays out like typical k-pop nonsense with 7 relatively good looking guys standing in a spacious room with odd lighting and interesting geometric shapes.

…why are you taking off your shirt?

Somehow, the tight leather pants just don’t vibe with soulful sound they were trying to go for.

Not to mention there seems to be absolutely nothing original about this song, whether it’s from the random splashes of MJ they speckled into the song or the “Run run” intro into the chorus that makes me expect SNSD to pop out at any time.  That would all be okaaaay with me if they showed any kind of personality or confidence but…all I got was this:


I was really hopeful for this group, especially when they started to redeem themselves a little in my eyes with “Hot Game”, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that this rookie group is one that will quickly disappear into the large abyss of failed stardom and crushed dreams and will soon be forgotten.


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