B1A4’s “Tried To Walk”: Live Performance and Dance


While JJY has already done a review of B1A4’s ‘Tried to Walk’ MV, I feel we would be doing this wonderful “rookie” group a great injustice if we did not comment on the dance and live performance of this song too.

Let me preface this by saying B1A4 is one of my favorite boy groups, ranked solidly in my top 6.  I’ll admit that they climbed their way there as a result of their unabashed and sickeningly sweet performances and songs.  While some of them (i.e. ‘Baby I’m Sorry’) are just steaming piles of horse shit, their look and aegyo has always simply been too cute to resist.  “Tried To Walk” however is in my opinion the perfect departure from their usual M.O.  The beginning of this song I SWEAR sounds like it could come from an Epik High album, and for once the song doesn’t lend itself to over-the-top smiling and fan shipping.  It’s still immensely catchy though, and I don’t feel like B1A4 is trying too hard to change their image.  It’s just more of a maturation, which I’m sure we can all appreciate.

The live performance itself was on par with the usual quality we see with B1A4’s promotions.  Their vocals really shine through, especially Sandeul’s passionate belting, and Baro even gets a bit of verse to show off his sexy low baritone.  The dancing is as synchronized as ever, with a couple of unexpected moves that were really effective (see: awesome ticking at 2:33).  I’m not a huge fan however of the fact that this dance involves a bench, so a lot of the dancing is static and relies too much on the back-up dancers for my taste.  And what about future performances where they might not have a bench to work with?  Awkward as hell.  I’ll cite Teen Top’s “To You” performances as a reference.

Frankly, I’m surprised JJY didn’t mention Baro’s hair in this comeback, because if it’s tickling my fancy it must be a huge deal for her.  I’m so happy to announce that everyone is still as cute as ever (how do they all have such flawless skin??), with no one getting totally screwed over like so many groups do during “edgy” comebacks.  Also, I just wanted to mention that there are parts of this song where the lyrics are so punctuated that even someone like me might be able to memorize a few of the lyrics for once!  This makes me, and I’m sure many many international fans, quite ecstatic.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with this comeback and so excited to have B1A4 back from their Japanese promotions.  I’m a little disappointed that CNU, one of my biases, got such little exposure in this song, but you win some, you lose some.  What makes me the happiest is the amount of support that BANAs are showing their oppas, coming up with some first rate fan chants and delivering them with wild enthusiasm.  B1A4 hwaiting!


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