First Impressions: Baek Seung Heon’s “Til the Sun rises”


Baek Seung Heon just recently debuted in the k-pop world earlier this month with ‘Til the Sun rises’, and I must say so far I am impressed.  First of all, let me just say it, DAMN this boy has some SWAG.  Even though at times during the music video I felt a little uncomfortable at the exorbitant amount of cheesing he was doing at the camera (I mean seriously, stop smiling like that), he was able to make up a hefty sum of points with his smooth dance moves and choreography.  I was HEAVILY reminded of JYP’s style, especially the move where he leaps from foot to foot during the chorus.  Let’s just be glad Baek Seung Heon is not another male solo artist who walks up to the mike and starts belting out some heart-torn ballad about a blind girl (the exception of course, is John Park, because I love you John Park).

Hey guurl.

For me, the best part of this debut was definitely the song itself.  After just one listen, ‘Til the Sun rises’ had me crooning “ooh ooh OOOh baby” all day long.  Or more like for the next week or so.  OK…I still can’t get this song out of my head.  There is something soothing but powerful in Baek Seung Heon’s voice, which is somewhat lacking in the industry right now.  And the rap–OH THE RAP–is so artfully integrated that it actually manages to add another element of depth to the song rather than simply provide some funky interlude to the beat.  The amount of times that raps are just haphazardly thrown into a perfectly good k-pop song infuriates me to NO END.  I also just want to step back for a second and appreciate the absolutely horrible lip-syncing that can be found in this video.  Good going C.TWO Entertainment.

In the end, I think it’s safe to say that Baek Seung Heon has a pretty good package going on for him.  And I mean package as in like…never mind.  His live performances aren’t astounding but they aren’t shockingly bad either.  I will say though that it is completely unfair to have Kim JaeJoong in the MV teaser and not have already released the drama version to the public.  WE’RE STILL WAITING–and waiting makes me very irritable.  All irritants aside though, it’s safe to say that KPWOP will be following this man’s career and seeing if he lives up to our expectations.


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